About Us

Our Mission

To provide a safe & loving environment for puppies & kittens, pregnant dogs and dogs who have recently given birth.

Educate families on the importance of spaying & neutering their pets and making sure their pets are kept current on shots, heart-worm and flea prevention.

We help people to understand that pets are not disposable. They are members of the family.

Who are we

We are a Christian based, 501(c)3 non-profit puppy rescue based in Kannapolis, NC.

We believe that all animals are God’s creatures and we are put on this earth to care for them as Christ cares for us.

We specialize in puppies & kittens 10 weeks and younger especially the orphaned and abandoned infant who need to be bottle fed; as well as pregnant dogs and dogs who have recently given birth.

How we got started

In January 2004, while volunteering for another organization, a litter of Australian Shepard puppies were brought in and needed a place to go.

The person who usually took the puppies had just recently had a PARVO outbreak at their location and was unable to take in young unvaccinated puppies.

Bill & Liz took them into their home, bathed them, fed them got them all the medical treatment they needed including shots and found them their very own “FUREVER HOMES”.

That was the start of their rescue. Since then they have rescued and found homes for hundreds of abandoned and unwanted puppies and dogs.

The specialty of this rescue is hand raised puppies.
We called them our “bottle babies”. These “babies” for one reason or another do not have a dog mommy to feed them so Bill, Liz, and the volunteers become the surrogate parents. They feed them every 2 to 3 hours round the clock.

We rescue, raise them and help them find forever homes.